Smile Shocker

FBI am a survivor. The story I’m about to tell you is true how Smile Shocker became a reality. If you believe me, you will be rewarded with lots of smiles. If you don’t believe me, I will make it worth your while to have you smile at least once. Allow me to begin.

I was born a natural rich person. I am rich with passions, compassion, good faith in people believing everyone deserves to live a happy life. Helping and making people smile somehow are always something I enjoy doing. When our paths are crossing, I want to make you happy, live a productive and quality life simply by providing trusted guidance, challenging you to bring the best out in you, help you fulfill your needs or just get you to smile. If you forget to smile, force yourself to smile. Try it! If you do it enough times, it’ll trigger the silliness inside you that you will smile or even laughing.

Create Rich People

Too many of us are unhappy for many reasons. Take a look around you when the next time you are among others. Chances are you see few happy faces. There are times when we forget how to smile that our faces hurt when a stranger makes us smile. When I see someone needs a smile, I sometimes do this. Let’s say today is Wednesday. I walk up to her/him and say, “Happy Wednesday to you!”.  People smile and are most likely laughing out loud 99.9% of the time. Knowing someone cares and hearing “happy” make people happy.

Do it and let me know the result by writing your comment in my blog. It makes me happy to know you are happy even if it’s for a moment. Does it matter if you don’t remember me? No, it doesn’t matter to me at all. What matter most is you are happy.

I feel good when people make me laugh and thank them. Don’t you feel good when you are happy?

Determine to Achieve Higher Quality of Life

I’ve lived through interesting situations as well as events I wish NO humanity will experience it  in life. I didn’t have a childhood, survived horrific regime, war, starvation and living in refugee camps. Landed in American from Cambodia I barely spoke English as a second language. Determination and curiosity to see the end of the rainbow on the roads yet to be paved ahead in life always keep me smiling while healing the past, manifesting the future in the present utmost positively.

I was determined and was terribly stubborn wanting my family and I to have better lives when my feet lift off the ground from one of the last refugee camps we stayed. Getting education was the only way. Exactly ten years later after being in the U.S., I graduated from a college with a bachelor degree with the help and support from my family and role models. I’ve been working for a handful coperations and have been an entrepreneur.

I am not known to be smartest and brightest person among my peers. Neither do I am known for a drop dead gorgeous beauty queen nor the most popular person. As much as I like to stay at the back of the room some times, usually I end up in the front. I’ve been literally taken by my hands to the front, especially in group photos. Yes, I’m branded for being petite and am glad being as is.

Learning English is hard. In fact, you’ll notice in my writings and speaking that I am not perfect. I never understand “perfect” anyway when it comes to judging certain things/people. If you don’t understand me, please ask me. I’ll be glad to clarify for you.

Meanings Behind Logo and Smile Shocker Brand Name

I had flying turtle logo and tag line designed with you in mind. Turtle represents spunk, endurance, strong determination, longevity and peaceful. You might have heard a legend story about a turtle and a rabbit racing to a finish line. It goes something like this…

A rabbit raves to a group of animal, “I’ve never been beaten yet. I challenge anyone to race with me.”.  “I’ll challenge you.”, the turtle says. The rabbit mocks at the turtle for being so slow and thinks it’s a joke. Both agree to a course and start a race. The rabbit runs far ahead from the turtle that it could not see the turtle anywhere. The rabbit being contemptuous, takes a nap. Meanwhile, the turtle keeps on focusing and heading toward the finish line. The rabbit over sleeps, wakes up and races to the finish line. To the rabbit surprise, when it gets to the finish line, it finds the turtle smiles and says to the rabbit, “Hi, I’m been waiting for you.”.

To me, the moral of the story is believe in yourself, do not under estimate yourself, and look at every opportunity so big that it dwarfs the obstacles …

I met Mr. Jose Sugarman at Titanium Mastermind group in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico. He asked me what I want to do and to achieve with my business. Instantly, he said Smile Shocker after I explained to him. The name fits exactly with my envisions.

Flying turtle logo is to turn the impossible to achievable goals and mission. Plus, I like the thrill of flying high in airplanes.
For the tag lines, “Do it!” is to take actions; taking action is the only way to get things done.
“Profit more!” is for happiness; practice depositing happiness into your soul daily.
“Live more!” is living a higher quality and productive life style.

On a Mission to Accomplish the Mission

My mission is to provide trusted, quality products to help all of humanity in achieving a higher quality of life. I wanted a business that I can help making people happy while I have fund doing it too. The quest led to meetup where many entrepreneurs meet monthly.

During a rush lunch break, I went to the event with a friend. Oscar Gonzalez is the founder of, incredibly kind hearted and techie geek, was the only person I had time to talk with for a few minutes. He led me to the amazing automated internet money making machine while sleeping: John Chow.

They led me to Home Business Summit, to Mastermind group in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico where I met Joe Sugarman. He’s the copywritting legend, humble, giving and role model alive. I also met successful experts such as Matt Lloyd, Michael Oliver ( founder), Mike Hill, Larry Benet, Lisa Grossmann, Dave Van Hoose, Matt Lloyd, Curtis Broome, Mark Hoverson, JT De Blt, Mike Koenigs, Vivian Glyck ( founder), James Schramko and many like-minded entrepreneurs.

Interestingly, living life is very amazingly colorful. I’m lucky and am grateful to receive guidance from my role models and mentors. Smile Shocker has brought excitements into my life. I believe I am witnessing “in the making” of my dreams come true in helping one person smile at a time!

Be a Smile Shocker!
I like to hear from you. Send me email or post your comments in my blog.
Let me know how I may help your smile today!

Do it! profit more! live more!

Smile Shocker
Neary Heng